Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thank You, Zig Ziglar!

I just want to take this moment to say "Thank You" to Zig Ziglar.

Many people know Zig Ziglar as a fantastic speaker and motivator. He has helped thousands of people get to the top of their professions. He's taught us the importance of truly caring about other people. Many of his quotes are well-known throughout the business world.

I have had the great fortune of seeing him in person on three occasions. In one instance, I took a friend of mine who was at one of the lowest points in her life - she was losing every battle and had even tried to slash her wrists. I wanted her to hear Zig in hopes his outlook on life might help. We took our seats and when Zig appeared, the very first words out of his mouth were "YOU were born to win." From that very sentence, my friend hung onto Zig's every word and she left that place with a totally different attitude. It was a highlight of my life to see how Zig had made a difference.

Of course, like many others, I have Zig's tapes (yes, I go back that far) and CDs. There are entire passages of his training that I can quote verbatim. His books have been an influence in my life, as well. While I admire him for all this knowledge he has shared, the truth is that he's just a likable guy! It would be fun to know him even if he wasn't in this business!

Although Zig may know that he's helped people with sales and improving their lives, I wonder if he realizes the amount of joy and even laughter he has brought to them, as well. Exchanges between my wife and myself are good examples of using something that Zig taught us a long time ago. You may recall:

Zig taught the importance of not just words but how you emphasize them. He gave this example: take the sentence: "I did not say he beat his wife." Just eight words. But, Zig taught how there can be eight different meanings depending on which word you stressed with your voice. ("I did not say he beat his wife" - someone else said it, I didn't. "I did not say he beat his wife" - he just shoved her around a bit. "I did not say he beat his wife" - he beat the kids, not his wife. I think you get the idea!)

Well, my wife and I will often use this technique and we soon find ourselves laughing out loud. Sometimes, we use it when we hear someone make some statement and other times, we use it between ourselves. For instance, my wife might try on a pair of jeans and she'll look at me and ask (what man hasn't been in this position?) "Honey, do I look fat in these jeans?" I might reply with something like this: "I wouldn't say you look fat in them." Then, we'll look at each other and start roaring. Because, we both know what we could do to that sentence - thanks to Zig's training. )("I wouldn't say you look fat in them" - I wouldn't say it, but others would. "I wouldn't say you look fat in them" - I'd think it, but I wouldn't say it.)

So, dear Zig, for all the positive things you've brought into our lives, for all that you have done for others, we thank you.

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