Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Power of TV/The Uniqueness of Twitter

Yesterday, I had a brief but humorous Twitter exchange with Elisa Donovan. Our Tweet-time caused me to reflect on the power of TV and the uniqueness of Twitter. Eve's Christmas is saved on our DVR every Christmas and we watch it over and over during the holiday season, finally deleting it sometime after New Year's Day. With each showing, we find ourselves liking the Eve character more and more while further appreciating the acting abilities and the personality of the portrayer - Elisa Donovan. The fact that Elisa is in our home so much during the Christmas Holidays just adds to the feeling that she's part of the family. It's a closeness you don't get in the movies or live theatre. (Don't forget about all the other movies and TV shows in which she's appeared. These just add to the inclusiveness.)

(Before you start thinking that we'll soon be stalking Ms. Donovan, please know that my wife and I grew up knowing the difference between TV and reality. We may have laughed at the physical antics of The Three Stooges but no one had to explain to us that you don't go poking people in the eyes or hitting them over the head. Allowing yourself to become emotionally involved with TV is one thing but losing sight of reality is another.)

Moving forward from the early days of TV, now we have Twitter. I love the technology that allows "average Joes" like myself the opportunity to exchange moments with people with whom there would never have been communication in days gone by. (I don't mean just movie and TV stars, I mean people from all walks of life. I tweet with some fantastic people: lawyers; TV News anchors, reporters, and producers; realtors; motivational wizards; and the list goes on and on.) It is fun to interact with those we see on the screen in the movie house or in our home. While there are lots of "stars" with Twitter accounts, I really appreciate those who take the time to not only answer back but "follow" back, as well. I'm fortunate enough to include Kathy Ireland, Paula Abdul, Tony Robbins and Elisa Donovan as some of those who bask in the bright lights yet have allowed a bit of their own personality to appear in Twitter exchanges with Johnnybluenote.

I'm cognizant that the life of those in the spotlight, while often filled with great benefits, is not an easy one. There are those "fans" who can't distinguish that "knowing" someone in public life isn't the same as "knowing" them in their private world and these people sometimes cross the line. Still, I appreciate those who, rather than hide from the rays of fame, take a step of faith and let a bit of themselves "out there."

I can't speak for you but I never long for "the good ol' days." I may be old but I appreciate the great communication technology which exists here, now, in the 21st century. I'm looking forward to what's just around the corner to make it even better!


  1. Thank you so much! You are terrific... and it makes my heart happy to know that the internet doesn't have to be used for creepy insanity and stalking...that it can honestly be just what you said--an opportunity for communication with people you might not otherwise be in touch with. And thank you for distinguishing between public and private lives. I for one, am a big believer in the separation of the two...which doesn't mean I don't understand the responsibility of being somewhat in the public eye, it just means I don't think complete strangers need to stop by my house for tea or know what I'm doing every single second of my day... !
    Best to you, xo
    oh, p.s.-- just an fyi, I think it's a typo but, you spelled my first name wrong :-)

  2. Elisa... now THAT's embarrassing! I fixed your name - sooooo sorry about that!